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EBL 30 & Over  Men’s Basketball League

Be part of the most competitive Men’s Basketball League in the DMV

Starting: Sunday, September 25th

7 Regular Season Games, Single Eliminaton Playoffs
Game are played on Sundays n Saturday
Minimum 8 players Max 12 players
Registration fee is due by September 16th
Location: Bowie City Gym | 4100 Northview Dr.
League fee $675
League fee includes Referee fees, Registration and Jerseys
Championship Team will receive Rings, T-Shirts and Cash
Director Byron Mouton This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   240.245.0134

Online registration click EVENTS than REGISTER NOW.......

Location: Bowie City Gym | 4100 Northview Dr.



Teams                                       Wins                                              Lost

Oxon Hill                                      5                                                   2

Keep it Real                                 5                                                   2

Show Stoppers                           5                                                    2                                                  

5th St. Bangers                           5                                                    2

Team Unity                                  4                                                    3

6th Man Sports                           1                                                    6

Team Morris                                0                                                    7



Sept. 25th

5:00pm       Keep it Real (92) vs Team Morris (52)

6:00pm       6th Man Sports (45) vs Team Unity (47)  

7:00pm       Show Stoppers (73) vs Oxon Hill (74)

8:00pm       5th St. Bangers (55) vs 6th Man Sports (49)


Oct. 2nd

5:00pm      Keep it Real (56) vs Oxon Hill (65)

6:00pm      Team Unity (47) vs 5th St. Bangers (44)

7:00pm      6th Man Sports (78) vs Team Morris (68)

8:00pm      Show Stoppers (49) vs Team Unity (44)


Oct. 9th

5:00pm      Keep it Real (72) vs Show Stoppers (70)

6:00pm      Team Morris (69) vs 5th St. Bangers (91)

7:00pm      6th Man Sports (75) vs Oxon Hill (82)

8:00pm      Team Morris (82) vs Team Unity (102)


Oct. 16th

5:00pm     Show Stoppers (79) vs Team Morris (67)

6:00pm     Team Unity (61) vs Keep it Real (74)

7:00pm     Show Stoppers (61) vs 6th Man Sports (48)

8:00pm     5th Street Bangers (99) vs Oxon Hill (71)


Oct. 23rd

5:25pm     Show Stoppers (58) vs Team Unity (57)

6:20pm     Team Morris (95) vs Keep it Real (101)

7:15pm     5t. St. Bangers (52) vs 6th Man Sports (48)

8:10pm     Keep it Real (85) vs Oxon Hill (95)


Oct. 30th

5:00pm  NO GAMES

6:00pm  NO GAMES

7:00pm  NO GAMES

8:00pm  NO GAMES


Nov. 6th

5:00pm   Oxon Hill vs  Team Unity

6:00pm   5th St. Bangers vs Show Stoppers 

7:00pm   Oxon Hill vs Team Morris

8:00pm   6th Man vs Keep it Real 


Nov. 13th Playoffs

5:00pm  (7)Team Morris vs (2)Keep it Real

6:00pm  (5)Team Unity vs (4)5th St. Bangers

7:00pm  (6)6th Man Sports vs (3)Show Stoppers

8:00pm  (1)Oxon Hill vs Team Unity/5th St. Bangers winner


Nov. 20th


6:00pm  Semi finals

7:00pm  Semi finals

8:20pm  Championship